Airlines and Passengers: Driving Each Other Crazy

There are so many articles these days about unruly airline passengers I won't bother to link to them. Passengers should be polite and well-behaved -- it goes without saying -- on planes.
Headline from yesterday

But, the airlines are hardly without fault. The fact is that many airline employees are rude and make up 'rules' out of thin air. And, they ignore rules violations for people they like. 

Yesterday, a bunch of Texas Democratic legislators took this photo of them flying -- without masks. 

Below is a photo of Democrat John Kerry flying in first class on America without wearing a mask earlier this year.
The reason their political party is pertinent is it is the Democrats that imposed the mask mandate. 

Regular passengers are right to be outraged by this. I'm in favor of repealing the travel mask mandate. However, if it continues, it should be enforced on everyone older than five years old without exceptions. 


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