Dr. Fauci: Please Look In a Mirror

The situations are not at all similar. I am fully vaccinated as are all of the adults in my family. If you are an adult, you should strongly consider getting the vaccine unless your physician directs otherwise. 

That said, COVID spokesmodel Anthony Fauci is the king of misinformation as well as a politician whose advice changes depending on who is in office. 
Weeks after Fauci told 60 Minutes he was "sure" we did not need to wear masks, Fauci wore the mask when the national news cameras were on throwing the first pitch -- and then removed it when he thought he was not on camera.

The contrast between Fauci and Dr. Jonas Salk could not be greater. 
As told in Charlotte Jacobs' outstanding Jonas Salk: A Life Salk was a man of science and of great integrity. He both refused shortcuts and, while he kept politicians informed as to the status of his research, he was never a politician. 

People trusted Salk, so they received the polio vaccine with confidence. Spokesmodel Fauci? Not so much. 


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