Friday, July 9, 2021

10pm Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Update

Here is what the colors mean:
  • Red = tornado warning.
  • Salmon = tornado watch.
  • Purple = severe thunderstorm watch with gusts to 80+ mph are possible. 
  • Yellow = severe thunderstorm warning. 
  • Orange = flash flood warning. 
The most widespread risk is damaging winds of 75 to 85 mph with scattered power failures. Here is the timing. 

In Missouri and Illinois, the blue outlined area has an increasing chance of damaging winds between now and 3am.

 There is a moderate risk of flash flooding in the red area between now and 7am Saturday. 
Make sure you have at least two independent ways of receiving storm warnings during the night!

This will be my final blog update for the night. Follow me on Twitter for more @usweatherexpert.

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