Drought Buster?

It has been very dry in parts of the Upper Midwest as the map below indicates. What could be a drought-busting rain will occur over part of the region next week. 
Colors on the map depict how short of rainfall each area
has been during the past 30 days. 

Going back further, here is the Palmer Drought Index for June:

Below is the forecasted rainfall for the next seven days. 
While the amounts will be excessive in Missouri, elsewhere the rains will be needed with the exception of the small area where 7" is forecasted to fall. 

Inevitably, some flooding will occur, but this should be a net benefit to the corn and soybean crops. 

Addition, 4:36pm: 
NWS is forecasting a "moderate" risk of flash flooding from 2am Saturday through 7am Sunday. 


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