The Illogic of COVID Recommendations These Days

This is from a Kansas City Star editorial today. Let's break it down point by point. 
As I don't live in Missouri, I don't know what Gov. Parson has or has not done. But, there has hardly been a paucity of publicity and recommendations pertaining to shots, including both Presidents Trump and Biden recommending people receive them. I have been fully vaccinated since February. This seems like politicization of the issue, which is quite common among liberal newspapers in states with Republican governors. 
This is where things go off the rails: if inoculated people have to do the same things as people who have not had the shots, why get vaccinated and risk a side effect?! I recommend adults follow the advice of their doctors but most should receive the vaccine. But, this mixed messaging is not helpful. 
Children are at very low (not zero) risk from COVID. For the great majority it is like a cold. There may be temporary loss of taste for some. The vaccines' risk is greater in children. 
While one can argue which side of the equation -- Which is more dangerous, vaccination or COVID? -- if it were my children, they would not be vaccinated until they were at least twenty years old. 

It may turn out that we'll need a third shot or other measures that will prove unpopular, controversial, or both. Articles like this with, gratuitous slaps at politicians and mixed messaging, are certainly not helpful in convincing people to do the right thing. 


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