Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Climate Experts: "Often Wrong...Never In Doubt"

Below is a piece I posted Monday pertaining to yet another nonsensical story from Yahoo! quoting climate 'experts' that claimed the "megadrought" was terrible and it showed "no sign of letting up." 

After record rainfalls in the week after the Yahoo! story was published, the drought is "letting up." 

Since the tactic of trotting out the "drought is terrible" press releases blew up their faces, the 'scientists' thought they'd try the flash flood press releases this week since that is this week's weather in the news.
Who says "weather isn't climate"? 🙄 

--- Monday's original posting --
Pahrump, Nevada, earlier today

Well, that didn't take long. A week, specifically.

The drought in the West; the "this drought is the worst, ever, ever, ever and it is due to climate change and will last for decades" -- took exactly a week to be proven wrong. 

Some choice quotes from the July 19 Yahoo! News article (just one of a number of overwrought stories on this topic):

As the drought shows no sign of letting up...

Some climate researchers believe that climate change has pushed California into a "megadrought," an intense drought that lasts for decades... 

Berggren said the drought is “unequivocally connected” to climate change.

In the week after the "experts" told Yahoo! that there was "no sign of [the drought] letting up", parts of the Southwest had five inches more rainfall than normal since the article was published (purple). Today, even Death Valley (!) set a rainfall record. The heavy rains continue. 

In Arizona, purples = 4-5" more than normal
rain in the last seven days.

I wish to be clear: the drought continues and it is serious. But, we have no way whatsoever to make weather forecasts beyond about 4-5 days in summer and seven days in winter. Telling us the drought will last for "decades" is meteorological malpractice. 

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