Another Dangerous Flash Flood Day: Arizona and New Mexico

1pm MST updated flash flood risk forecast until 7a Sunday.
Be especially vigilant in the yellow and red areas. The red area (greatest danger) includes Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff. 

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Radar at 10:45am MST/11:45a MDT

National Weather Service says, 

Normally dry washes will quickly flash flood with relatively low amounts of precipitation, and many creeks remain elevated well above normal levels. Burn scars and metropolitian areas should be close attention to flood potential, as well. 

Three-day rainfalls to 11a MDT exceeded six inches in a few spots (below).

Radar (below) and other meteorological data as of 11:30a MST indicates things should be relatively quiet for another hour or two in Arizona. Then, widespread thunderstorms should develop with heavy to torrential rains. 

In New Mexico, thunderstorms are developing rapidly west of Albuquerque due to a westward-moving low pressure system. 

Please monitor local sources of weather information the rest of today. 


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