Tuesday, July 6, 2021

7:20pm Update: Tropical Storm Elsa

Important: Updated (7:20pm) Wind Speed Information For Tampa Bay Below

Elsa's winds are a sustained 70mph winds. The storm is moving very slightly west of due north as of 5pm. Below is the radar image at 5:24pm.
Showers and thunderstorms have rapidly developed on the west side of the eye. Lightning is still occurring. Pressures have dropped significantly since yesterday. The three make more strengthening likely. I believe the storm will become a hurricane overnight. Sustained winds could exceed 80 mph with gusts to 90+ mph. 

NWS has now upped the forecast winds for Tampa Bay to 90+mph. 

Here are the forecasted wind speeds for the Florida Peninsula.

Below are the watches and warnings currently in effect.

The storm surge forecast is below.

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