Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Dangerous Day For Wisconsin and Adjacent Areas

This has been updated at 3:15pm.
Please see the posting immediately above. 
This is going to be a dangerous period, especially in the orange and red areas. The dangerous storms will begin after 3pm and continue until 7am in Ohio. The hazards include tornadoes; destructive wind-driven hail, and wind gusts above 80 mph. A derecho -- an extremely destructive type of storm --  is likely to occur. 
  • Please make plans to take care of infirm family members now. 
  • Fully charge laptops and phones before 3pm. Unplug them before the storms arrive due to the potential for power surge damage during the storms. 
  • Fill your car with fuel. Know how to disconnect your garage door opener if you have one.
  • Monitor local weather information. 
  • Excellent additional advice is here
I'll update on this situation this afternoon. 

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