Thursday, May 2, 2019

Suggestion to High School Upperclassmen Wanted to Study Meteorology

There are many paths someone interested in a career in weather can take:
  • Research
  • Broadcasting
  • Forecasting
Just to name a few.

I want to offer some advice to those interested in careers in forecasting, private sector work and applied meteorology. And, if you are a young woman or man wanting a career in those areas, I recommend you go to one of the smaller meteorology schools, like a South Alabama or Millersburg rather than a huge school like the University of Oklahoma or Penn State.

The large meteorology schools primarily focus on preparing students for research. It is their gravy train. I keep hearing, more and more, from employers and others that students who graduate from those types of schools are not well trained in areas that are critical for forecasting or even meteorological applications. I had already formed that opinion before I retired from AccuWeather and everything I have observed since reinforces it. 

If you want to do research or, perhaps, work at the National Weather Service, than an OU or PSU might be good background (I'm not familiar enough with those areas to opine). But, if you want to primarily forecast, be a private sector meteorologist or (in some cases) work in broadcasting, in generally, the smaller schools are better. 

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