Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Whole New Level of Stupid -- And, Nastiness

From Dana Wright of KMBZ Radio (where I began my career!) in Kansas City.
Earlier yesterday evening, my friend, and superb meteorologist, Lisa Teachman, the chief meteorologist of KSNW TV in Wichita received this.
You may click to enlarge but you will probably regret it.

Lisa was covering this tornado.
A horizontal vortex makes it certain this was a violent tornado. The kind that kills people; sometimes in large numbers. And, Lisa is supposed to ignore her viewers in that area and risk them dying so people can watch Jeopardy!? Really?

My son's inlaws live near the path of this tornado. I called them because I wanted to make sure they knew about the storm. They did not. Television meteorologists cannot assume people have 'weather rodeos' (whatever those might be).

It is astounding to me that television meteorologists have to put up with this. Although I cannot prove it scientifically, it seems that women meteorologists get the worst of it. It should stop.
One other note about Lisa. I saw her responding to viewers on Twitter during that stressful coverage yesterday and she, as always, did it with kindness and grace. Lisa and Cat Taylor at KAKE TV in Wichita are two of the very best. We are lucky to have both.

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