Sunday, May 19, 2019

11pm Sunday Note to My Readers

Everyone, I have looked over the data from the evening upper air balloons along with the computer models that were run using that data.

At this point, I would not change either my tornado or flood forecasts (posted below).

Of course, I'll be updating mid-morning tomorrow.

You may be interested in knowing that Tulsa and metro Oklahoma City have cancelled school for tomorrow.

And, the advice that is good 365 days a year? Never fly United. This tweet was sent by my friend Ginger Zee at midnight New York time. She is trying to get to Oklahoma City for the sixth anniversary of the Moore tornado and to cover tomorrow's storms.

United never met an itinerary it couldn't screw up.

And, speaking of Twitter, thanks for the record number of followers.
You will definitely want to follow me tomorrow and throughout the week for tornado and flood coverage. @usweatherexpert . 


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