Monday, May 20, 2019

8:30pm: Tornado Forecast For the Rest of the Night

There is still a signifiant risk of tornadoes during the night if a second area from thunderstorms (arrow) move north (as forecast) an the warm front is able to retreat. However, these probabilities (from SPC) seem high to me.

Forecast radar for midnight.

Radar forecast for 4am. The second area of storms makes it into Kansas and across the width of Oklahoma.

Forecast radar for 8am.
I continue to be concerned about the potential for a tornado in southeast Kansas toward sunrise.

Throughout the region, turn on your weather radio or use your smartphone as a weather alarm (see below) during the night.

This is going to have to be it for the night. I have been forecasting, writing and tracking since 6:30am. I'm beat.

Two of you have purchased copies of my book today. Thank you. It is very much appreciated. I believe, based on the reviews, you will really enjoy it. Goodnight.

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