Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dangerous Flooding Forecast

While tornadoes are getting much of the attention, dangerous flooding is also in the forecast.
The yellow dot near Wichita is a forecast of ten inches of rain the next seven days. The gold area from Kansas City, St. Joseph, Falls City, and Topeka southwest to Enid is seven to ten inches.

Soils throughout the region are saturated. This quantity of rain will cause major to catastrophic flooding, depending on location. It will also be devastating to agriculture.

What to do?
  • Prepare a "go kit." Put needed and easily transportable items in your car or near your car where you can grab it and move quickly.
  • If you have to evacuate, turn off the main power and water. Locate them now if you are not sure where they are located. 
  • Keep your automobile fully fueled.
  • Get extra cash.
  • Make sure your prescriptions are refilled.
  • Know your destination and make sure your path is not flooded. 
I urge you to take this seriously. Areas will flood that have never flooded before. Prepare accordingly. 

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