11:45pm: Tornado in the Immediate Jefferson City Area

From KOMU-TV News in Columbia-Jefferson City, there is "considerable" tornado damage in Jefferson City:
The rectangle over the south part of
Jefferson City is a large quantity of lofted debris as detected
by dual-polarization radar.
The Jefferson City debris was lofted to at least 10,000' above the ground. 

On the left is "reflectivity data" which is the type of weather radar display seen on television. On the right is the Doppler velocity which shows strong rotation moving into Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri.

Note: This is likely a historic event. The same supercell thunderstorm that produced the Jefferson City Tornado is the same one that began on the east side of Tulsa, passed just north of Joplin, [CORRECTION:] The Joplin supercell did continue into central Missouri near the Lake Of The Ozarks before it began to weaken. It did not cause the Eldon-Jeff City tornado. and continue northeast into central Missouri. Three fatalities are reported north of Joplin as of midnight.
We do not have any word of casualties in mid-Missouri.

Via Twitter, the Jefferson City Tornado.

A high school in Jefferson City was damaged. I don't know if this is it but in a bolt of lightning, this video appears to show the dark tornado with a light-colored satellite tornado around it.
Above Via Twitter.

An EMT based in Jefferson Co. tweeted at 12:35am.
Am also getting reports of tornado damage in Eldon, MO, which is SW of Jefferson City. 

12:39am, a map of at least part of the path of the tornado through Jefferson City.
Via Twitter

Via Twitter 

Below Tweeted at 12:53a.

At 1am, that same thunderstorm was still producing tornadoes. This near Warrenton, MO, along Interstate 70.



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