Monday, May 20, 2019

Flood Forecast Update, 7:55pm

Below are the rainfall across Kansas and Oklahoma since midnight. 

Kansas Rainfall to 7pm, click to enlarge
Oklahoma Rainfall to 7:15pm
In both states, maximum rainfalls since midnight are beyond 4" in some places.

Here is the regional radar as of 7:45. The storms are moving northeast.

The NWS just issued this short-term forecast from now until 1am (06Z).

Here is a reasonable forecast for additional rainfall from 7pm this evening to 12 noon Tuesday.
This is not an exact forecast by any means. It could easily shift 30 mi. in any direction. The idea is that heavy to torrential rains are likely overnight. This means that life-threatening flash flooding could occur over a large part of the Central Great Plains.

Remember to turn on your weather radio or use your smartphone as a weather alarm as described below (scroll down).

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