Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Happened to 'Science'?

Science is supposed to be unbiased and only interested in the truth -- defined as provable facts.  So, what type of 'science' organization runs ads like this?
AGU sponsoring a "climate ride"! The American Geophysical Union is fully on board with catastrophic global warming. And, they make money on it. As I have asked a number of times in the past, with all of these organizations making (in some cases literally millions) money from global warming there is zero institutional motivation to question -- let alone disprove -- catastrophic global warming. 

Here is another ad from (scientific publisher) Wiley's site: 
The west Antarctic ice status is fiercely contested. I don't have the expertise to know who is right. But, that is an editorial comment (fair enough, it is an ad) not a "science" comment. And, since it is pro-catastrophic global warming, that particular article is free. There is a substantial fee (often $30-$40) for other articles. Nothing like subsidizing a particular point of view. Seems like the antithesis of science to me. 

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