Friday, September 19, 2014

An Great "Pro" Global Warming Article

Right here. I disagree with several of the author's points (comment below) but it is a balanced, well-stated article.

One point is worthy of comment. There are times I feel we are not even having the right conversation.
  • In the article, the question is raised about what percent of our (always) changing climate is due to humans. While that is worthy of investigation, in the end it doesn't matter. We need to make our society more resilient to extreme weather regardless of the cause. While there is no evidence of this, assume one tornado in 100 is caused by human-caused global warming. That humans "caused" it doesn't lessen the need to be in the basement, to have insurance for your home, and to have built the home with some inexpensive fortification techniques to begin with. 
In addition, I wish to clarify my thoughts on the energy issue. 
  • A colleague two weeks ago was chiding me for my lack of support for wind energy (he mistakenly thought I didn't support solar, I do). I replied that it is not about "support," it is about economics. Make solar and wind as reliable and lower the cost to equal or less than conventional power and I'm 100% in favor of it! I'm in favor of cheap, reliable energy regardless of the state of the climate. 
On that note, have a great weekend!!

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