Update on Flash Flood Risks

To me, it is highly likely flash flood producing rains will develop in parts of Arizona and New Mexico due to the remains of Hurricane Odile now over the Baja Peninsula.

It is likely there will be an area where heavy rains (i.e., ≥ 4"/ 24 hr.) occurs in the Great Plains I can't be more specific as to location except it should be in the area indicated below.
AccuWeather has much more. 

You might wonder why I am mentioning the Plains when I can't yet be specific as to the exact location and that is a fair question. The reason is that some parts of the Plains are now wet. If additional heavy rains develop in those areas, significant to major flooding could develop. So, I intend this as a "heads up" for people so they will know to monitor the weather forecasts and warnings as the week progresses. 

The current Palmer Drought and Wetness Index is below. 


  1. This is the type of rain California could really, really, REALLY use (except maybe not all at once!)

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