Sunday, September 21, 2014

"'Organizers' Estimated 310,000" No Wonder They Believe the Global Warming Hype!

From the Wall Street Journal:
It is no wonder they believe the hype about global warming: They are obviously math-challenged. 

Here is the photograph the organizers tweeted to prove there were 310,000 people there. The narrow crowd looks like it extends about four blocks to Columbus Circle. The crowd thins out significantly as you view the upper part of the photo toward the circle. 
With no other information, that doesn't look anywhere near 300,000 but let's do a comparison. The Washington, DC police (not the 'organizers') estimated 300,000 people attended the Tea Party March in 2009. Here are a couple of photos of that crowd. Note that it is far, far larger and extends to both sides of the reflecting pool. 

The above is a screen capture of the video showing the marchers, on a wider street, extending all the way from the White House to the Capitol. 

If the (hopefully objective) DC Police said this was 300,000 than the Climate March had maybe 50,000. 

That said, if someone wants to forward other photos of the size of the crowd, I'd be happy to revise this estimate. 



  2. Thanks Sheeple. The tweet from Climate Central (referred to above) only showed one direction. Fair enough, maybe 100,000. It was no where near 300,000.

  3. Dunno. I can't find an aerial photo that actually shows the extent of the parade. It's hard for me to tell where the crowd fuzzes out. If you can get a definitive length, you can get estimate a density and get a reasonable estimate.

    Do you have magical eyes that can determine exactly where these end? If not, how can you begin to conclude the count?

    Found another photo here that seems to show a pretty good length, but I can't determine where it's shot from, much less how many people may have already gone the other way or where it fuzzes out.

  4. The "official" estimate was 125,000. I was much closer than the organizers.

  5. What official estimate? The police department doesn't do estimates.

    Again: "Do you have magical eyes that can determine exactly where these end? If not, how can you begin to conclude the count?"

  6. NY press referred to an "official" estimate. They did not say the source.

    My methodology is stated in the original posting, please read it. I compared it to the 300,000 (DC police do official estimates) Tea Party march. It is much smaller.

  7. This should end the question:


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