Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Final Flash Flood Update of the Night

This is a graphic of northwest Missouri. NWS dual polarization radar indicates (9:40pm) more than 6" of rain have fallen at the two white pixels. Law enforcement reports 1 foot of flowing water over U.S. Highway 71, a major road in the area (circled).

I've circled the area covered by the above graphic on the latest radar chart from 9:35pm (below). Now, look at how much rain is to the west and headed for northern Missouri and southern Iowa (purple arrows are the direction of movement of the storms).

I continue to believe my forecast is correct but I wish to emphasize a bit more that some spots could end up with more than ten inches before the night is out.
As the night progresses -- especially after midnight -- the situation will transition to one of serious to life-threatening flooding in the yellow-tinted area.

If you live near a stream that floods during periods of heavy rains, be prepared to move to higher ground at a moment's notice. 

I strongly discourage travel the rest of the night in this area, including I-29 and I-35. If you must travel, do not drive into a flooded area. Lives were lost in Arizona yesterday doing just that. 

The weather pattern is somewhat similar to the one that produced the September, 1977, Kansas City flood known as the "Plaza Flood." That weather system produced more than ten inches of rain in parts of KC and the same thing could happen in some spots tonight.

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