Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mexico Hurricane & Southwest Concerns

A major, Category 3, Hurricane Odile, will strike Cabo San Lucas tonight and Monday morning with the potential for structural and flooding damage as it moves up the west coast of Baja.

I am also concerned about the potential for more flooding rains in the Southwest U.S. this week and -- maybe -- heavy rains in the Central U.S. late in the week.
The official NWS rainfall forecast shows heavy rains in southern Arizona (including Phoenix and Tucson) and southern New Mexico. In addition, there are spotty moderate to heavy rains from west Texas to Minnesota as the remains of the Odile move northeast.

It is far too soon to locate and time any heavy rains in the Central U.S. but they are not out of the question, especially if a front happens to be along the path to interact with Odile's remains. We'll keep an eye on it this week.

VIA Twitter and @LauraThomasTV here are the monster waves in Cabo:

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