Monday, September 15, 2014

Heavy Rains Likely in the Southwest

The sun is just starting to rise in Cabo and we do not have a full damage assessment. However, we now have to turn our attention to the likelihood of floods developing in the Southwest in the next few days. Here is the ECMWF forecast of rainfall amounts:
Dr. Ryan Maue
The threat areas include Phoenix, Tuscon and most of the southern half of New Mexico. There is a small area of heavy rains near Las Vegas (Mt. Charleston), so they should keep watch, too. Hurricane Odile is taking a path similar to 1976's Hurricane Kathleen which caused severe flooding in the Southwest. So, please keep an eye on the weather if you live or will be traveling in the area the next few days. More from AccuWeather.

As to the threat in the central U.S., it still exists but the location of heavy rains is still very uncertain. 

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