Monday, September 15, 2014

Record, Horrible Climate Change Drought? Already Ended!

Back in April I wrote a posting called Climafornication. Showtime Networks debuted a series called "Years of Living Dangerously." It ran (and repeats still run) on Sunday evenings immediately after its series, "Californication." In that blog post, I wrote:
I'd say that comment was accurate. The series (since it is still running) lasted longer than the supposedly unprecedented drought!

While reasonable people can and do disagree about global warming, the series used sleazy techniques to convey its propaganda point. For example, noted climate scientist Don Cheadle went to the small town of Plainview, Texas, to talk about the drought it was then experiencing. Nothing wrong with that. But, that is not where the producers stopped. Look at this screen capture. The brown tint in the air was added post-production to exaggerate the drought! They employed a number of these production tricks to make things look worse than they were. That is propaganda, not science.

We also heard how the west Texas (already dry) climate has "changed" and droughts were going to be more frequent. Only one problem with all of this: The drought is over. The official National Weather Service drought metric is below. I've placed an arrow pointing to Plainview.
Less than five months later, the drought is officially gone. That is not to say the region does not have challenges, it does. More rain is needed to fill reservoirs (so as to be prepared for the next drought) and the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer is a huge problem.

The series also starred frequent private jet commuter Arnold Schwarzenegger and private jet owner and pilot Harrison Ford. Nothing like being lectured to decrease our carbon footprints by people whose footprints are the size of Alaska.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds says,

I'll believe global warming is a crisis when the people telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis.
Above, Arnold in advertisement for "Years."
Below left, Arnold and (global warming advocate) Gov. Jerry Brown in a private jet.
Below right, Arnold in his giant Mercedes SUV.
Once again, in difficult economic times, people trying to make a living and support their families are misleadingly lectured about carbon footprints by Hollywood hypocrites who crisscross the world in private jets.
Harrison Ford in "Years" (left) and with his jet
I like Harrison Ford as an actor and I would use a private jet extensively if I could afford to do so. But, he is in absolutely no position to tell me about the size of my carbon footprint.

Many of these people wonder why newspaper readership is down, television news ratings are down, and fewer people are paying to see movies. May I suggest looking in a mirror?

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