Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Storm Snuck Up on Us"

A meteorologist friend in Indiana just relayed a comment about the storm threatening the Northeast having "snuck up on us." Hmmmm. The first posting about Hurricane Sandy striking the Northeast U.S. was at 8:05 am yesterday.

What really strikes me as odd is the storm isn't forecast to hit before Monday. So, how could it have snuck up on us? We've moved past, "there is going to be a storm."  What we are trying to emphasize now is how to prepare for it (see posting below).

Along with, "there was no warning" (when there was), the storm sneaking up on us is one of those things meteorologists get tired of hearing. It seems few understand how meteorologists do what we do.

So, if you've ever wondered how meteorologists do what we do and if how we warn of storms is of interest, there is an excellent book on that topic:

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