Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Model Railroading 107

Kathleen's Dad was a railway postal worker. The Missouri Pacific railroad ran
through her hometown of Martin City, MO.
When you start to look at planning a layout, you'll want an area that is well lit. Lighting is something that is much easier to handle before a layout is in place than after. The same is true with electricity. You can start with a single transformer but you'll want at least a second outlet to run a second transformer in the future.

If you think you want to do realistic scenery, things like painting walls or backgrounds should be considered before you install a table. Again, easier to do it initially than be crawling over the table one it is installed.

Then, the dirty little secret of model railroading: Almost nothing in a brand new catalog is available when the catalog is released. There is usually at least a six month lag. So, be looking planning from 2011 and 2012 catalogs, not the new 2013 versions.

I'm a big fan of patronizing your local train store rather than saving a few dollars online. Your local train store can be a great source of advice.

This is the final installment our pre-Christmas series. Hope you have enjoyed the series on model railroading!

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