Sunday, October 21, 2012

The "Daily Mail" Global Warming Controversy

Last Sunday, London's Daily Mail published what readers of this blog have known for years: Global warming has stopped.
The original "Daily Mail" headline
As you can imagine, this set off a firestorm. The Daily Mail has published an excellent followup article -- that I highly recommend -- that goes through the scientific facts item by item. It also makes an important point about pro-global warming conflicts of interest in Britain's government.

Dr. Judith Curry, quoted in both articles, has her take here.

Anthony Watts comments here.

As you know, I have no prediction to offer as to when or if temperatures will turn upward again.

I do know that the Al Gore-IPCC-catastrophic global warming crowd did not forecast this decade and a half without warming. If they can't get 15 years right, there is no reason to believe they can get 50 years right. 

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