Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy: Horrible Storm Surge Damage in New Jersey

Two additions. Photo below from New Jersey National Guard:

Snow depth image below from NOAA, hat tip: Jesse Ferrell at AccuWeather. Yes, that bright green is more than 40" of snow!

Later info:

25% of the cell towers in ten states are out of service. The situation will get worse (due to generators running out of fuel) before it gets better.

My friend, Brian Norcross, talks on his blog about the National Weather Service's poor decision not to issue hurricane watches and warnings even though a hurricane was forecast to occur.

A thought-provoking piece from my friend, Dr. Bill Hooke: Will we learn the lessons of Sandy? I especially like his aviation analogy. Those of you who are long-time blog readers know that I have advocated a National Disaster Mitigation Board similar to the National Transportation Safety Board

There is great reading in the above two pieces from a couple of our profession's thought leaders.

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  1. A graphic illustration of the inherent risk to building on barrier islands. We seem to forget that Mother Nature created them and occasionally is in the mood to rearrange them.


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