More on Sandy

AccuWeather has an excellent round up of facts and figures here.

Line of electricity utility trucks eastbound on I-70 at Wright City, MO this morning
Sources I trust tell me 8.5 million electrical customers (homes and businesses) are currently without power. That translates to 25 to 30 million people. Crews are rushing in from around the nation but, given the geographic extent of the outages, it will be more than two weeks, and likely more than three, before power is completely restored (my opinion).

The figures you are heaving in the media estimating total losses (i.e., direct damage plus economic loss) of $8 to $20 million are, in my opinion, way too low. Time will tell.

AccuWeather regional radar at 12:23pm EDT shows Sandy has spread out with winter conditions over the central Appalachians. There are still quite a few areas of gusty winds but they will largely diminish after sunset.


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