Comparison of Irene and Sandy

Update 10:20am CDT:  Pressure has dropped again to 937.5 mb. Sandy breaks another record for pressure every time it drops. This is lower than forecast for 2pm EDT, so the storm may be strengthening even more than expected.

Parts of Atlantic City are already flooded. And, the water is only going to rise to "major" flood levels. 


In this case, bigger = worse.

Irene on top, Sandy on bottom. The Hurricane Hunters have now measured a pressure of 939 millibars, which is lower than forecast and the storm is still strengthening. It may reach Cat 2 hurricane strength before landfall. There is a report of sustained winds of 90 mph just off the coast of Long Island with gusts well above 100 mph.

I believe (as previously stated, scroll down to Saturday's postings) the NWS's decision not to issue hurricane warnings for Hurricane Sandy was a very poor decision.

Update 10:20am:  Hurricane warnings in effect off the coast but only "hurricane force" -- whatever that means -- on the coast an inland.


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