Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is What We Feared

Photo by Roberta Teer via Facebook

Flooded, Dark Lower Manhattan. 

Via The Weather Channel, three feet of water is flooding the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Water has flooded into the NYC subway and the NY-NJ Path railroad.  The Statue of Liberty is dark. Both LaGuardia and JFK Airports are flooded, extent unknown. Wind gust of 94 mph at Eaton's Neck, NY confirmed by NWS.

2.5  4.0 million homes and businesses are without power as far away as Athens, GA.

Winds as far west as Cleveland are gusting over 60 mph.

A full-fledged blizzard is in progress in the Appalachians.

Rivers will begin rising rapidly and major river flooding will occur over the next few days.

There really isn't much more to say at this point. If you'll scroll down below, you'll see the forecasts that are still valid.

If you are affected by the storm:  Hang in there. It may take a while but this, too, shall pass.

UPDATE: The Weather Channel has retracted the NYSE report.


  1. Mike - I have a worksheet with power outages showing 5.3 million plus without power as of 10:30pm.

    Of course the real count won't really be known until the wind stops.


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