Sunday, October 28, 2012

Detailed Wind Forecasts

Hurricane Sandy at 8:15pm EDT. It is located east of the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Wind Projections

This is the approximate wind pattern across the region. The brighter red then brownish colors equal stronger winds.

Forecast for 10am EDT Monday.

Forecast for 2pm EDT Monday. These are gusts near 100 mph southeast of Long Island. Tremendous amounts of water will be driven toward the shore.

Forecast for 6pm EDT Monday. Note the relatively calm winds in and just southwest of Sandy's eye.
Fiere winds over Long Island Sound, water being driven inland.

Forecast for 8pm EDT Monday. High winds continue over Long Island Sound. 

Forecast for 7am EDT Tuesday. Strong winds now over the Great Lakes with nearly calm winds with the center which has moved west of Harrisburg.

The rest of the forecast still looks good. A record surge is predicted by the NWS for New York Harbor.

Three inches of snow is already on the ground in West Virginia.

Here is the NWS's forecast for additional rainfall, click to enlarge.

Unfortunately, the forecasts (postings below) about storm surge, river flooding, blizzard conditions and power failures still look to be correct.


  1. Hey Mike what is the website or map generator you are using for the Wind Field/Isobars?

  2. Oct 28, 2012 Hurricane Sandy and Canada Earthquake are related to the Mayan Prediction Date of December 21, 2012. Please view astronomical diagrams on


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