Monday, October 29, 2012

This is VERY Ominous: NYC Water Rise

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The storm surge (green line) is rising very rapidly. The tide (blue line) has turned and it now rising to a high tide around 8pm or a little after.  If the storm surge continues to increase at this rate, major flooding will result.

This is another reason why, if the storm surge keeps rising, the NWS decision not to issue a hurricane warning was so ill-advised.

This is what Mayor Bloomberg said Saturday:

“Although we’re expecting a large surge of water, it is not expected to be a tropical storm or hurricane-type surge. With this storm, we’ll likely see a slow pileup of water rather than a sudden surge, which is what you would expect with a hurricane, and which we saw with Irene 14 months ago."

The rapid rise (where the green and red lines come together) is exactly the characteristic of a hurricane storm surge. The NWS's decision has misled many people.

I hope and pray the water stops rising soon and a major flood fails to occur.  


  1. The NWS has had very informative briefings on their Web pages spelling out clearly of what is to be expected. One such briefing can be found at Not sure where Bloomberg was getting his shouldn't be assumed it was from the NWS.


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