Saturday, October 27, 2012

We Get Results! Hurricane Warnings for Sandy Will Continue

This posting is incorrect. Final decision here.

National Hurricane Center has changed its mind. They are going to continue with tropical storm and hurricane warnings.

Very wise, decision Hurricane Center. Kudos.


  1. NO... it says they are NOT going to issue warnings because they may have to switch later

  2. Derek: That is not how I read it. In fact he says, "NHC warnings (meaning hurricane and tropical storm) are taken more seriously." That would imply they are continuing with the existing warning suite from NHC.

  3. That wasn't Knabb saying that. "NHC warnings are taken more seriously" is the tweet of the person Knabb was responding too asking why NHC hasn't issued warnings/watches.

  4. Yeah, I think Derek is reading it correctly - he's saying they're switching to non-tropical warnings now to avoid confusion from doing so later.

  5. I have an email in to Dennis Feltgen, the PR person for NHC. I'll let you know what he says.

  6. The Public Advisory out of NHC only mentions the Delmarva Peninsula at this time. You have to search elsewhere for the type of information we're seeing on this blog. Unless the general public is watching local media, I doubt they will realize how serious the situation actually is, which means the preparedness clock it ticking away and we're burning through precious time.

    Excellent information you conveyed, btw Mike. Thank you. I especially liked the advice to VOTE NOW. The election will not be postponed because of Hurricane Sandy.


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