Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you are just joining us or have been reading Mike's blogs for some time, we are glad to have that you have found us!  Mike is passionate about all things weather related, and is the go-to expert when severe weather calls. Mike saves lives, property and profits by appling weather science and technology to the real-world problems faced by business and society.

 Mike is the Senior Vice President of AccuWeather, a bestselling author of 2 books, an innovator with 19 US and foreign patents to his name and more awards than I have time to mention. Mike, along with his friend and mentor, Dr. Ted Fujita, make everyone who flies today safer and when ever you are viewing color radar, a color newspaper weather page or a GPS-powered storm warning display, you have just run across one of Mike's many innovations.

Mike frequently speaks to and consults with businesses across North America helping them improve their profitability by effectively dealing with weather's extremes.

Mike and his team have saved literally hundreds of lives and prevented more than $200 million in damage due to extreme weather.

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