Friday, April 15, 2022

Tornado Drought: Ten Years Since the Last Major Tornado Outbreak in Tornado Alley

Ten years ago yesterday, strong tornadoes roamed the Great Plains. The photo below is from my blog post ten years ago today.
This is a map of the paths of the tornadoes. 
The Tornado Outbreak of April 14, 2011. 
Red = tornado. Blue = damaging thunderstorm wind. Green = large hail.
Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the last major tornado outbreak in the area we traditionally label "Tornado Alley." Of course, the reality is that the peak tornado alley moves through the decades

But, even stipulating that tornado alley moves, it is extremely unusual that we have had such a drought of major tornadoes of this duration and I am concerned that a number of us have forgotten how to prepare for a high or extreme-risk tornado situation. For reminders, please go here and scroll down.

It is vital that we residents of the Great Plains not let down our guard. As the situation Tuesday in Texas and Iowa demonstrated, strong tornadoes will occur again and the tornado drought will break. We need to be prepared. 

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