Tuesday, April 19, 2022

What To Do When Tornadoes Threaten?

Wichita's Meteorologist Lisa Teachman
With the festering issues in the tornado warning program, I had a Twitter follower ask a few minutes ago ask the question, "If we can't trust the tornado warnings, what do we do?"

I'm not saying you can't trust the tornado warnings: Most NWS's output is reasonably good. However, the quality of tornado warnings is clearly inferior to a dozen years ago. So, here's what I recommend:
  • Get off the trash apps and trash Twitter accounts. If a Twitter account is not associated with a meteorologist you can verify online, unfollow it!!
  • Television is your friend: When a tornado watch is issued or when a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect, get off the internet and turn on TV.  For example, in Wichita (my home TV market) both Lisa Teachman (KSNW-TV) and Jay Prater (KAKE-TV) are both willing to "tell it like it is" when tornadoes threaten. In Kansas City, Bryan Busby will, too. Unfortunately, I haven't recently watched enough severe weather coverage in other markets to comment. Most TV stations in the Plains, Midwest and South verify the meteorologists they hire along with their qualifications. 
Yes, I know that television is out of favor with young people but it is more essential than ever in times of dangerous weather. 

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