Thursday, April 7, 2022

Next Week: Tornado Threat in Traditional Tornado Alley

Usually, I don't do tornado forecasts 4+ days in advance. However, after three years of a record and near-record "tornado drought" in traditional Tornado Alley, I want to make sure everyone is prepared.

The Forecast
For the first time in years, we have a multi-day tornado and severe thunderstorm threat in the area outlined in red. This does not mean that every area, every day, will see tornadoes. It means that there will be multiple rounds of severe thunderstorms during the four-day period.

Note also that in the High Plains heavy snow is a possibility.

It is not possible, this early, to try to narrow down the threat more specifically than this. I will, of course, provide more specificity as we get closer to the event. 


Schools: If you haven't already tomorrow would be a good day to do a tornado drill. Make sure everyone is familiar with tornado procedures and ways to protecting everyone involved.

Business: See above, plus make sure you have ways of instantly notifying employees working outdoors. 

Homes: Make sure your shelter area is clean and ready to go. Put a couple of bottles of waters, old pairs of shoes (you don't want to walk out barefoot if a tornado strikes) and, if appropriate, a couple of diapers in your shelter. 

Everyone: Have at least two reliable ways to receive emergency storm warnings. One of them should be Wireless Emergency Alerts

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