Updated Long-Range Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Outlook

Based on later data and model simulations, I've enlarged my potential tornado and severe thunderstorm* forecast. It is valid from noon Monday until 6am Thursday.
Just as a note: I am especially concerned about Tuesday in the central Great Plains. Based on preliminary indications, tornadoes with supercell thunderstorms may occur in parts of NE-KS-OK. 

There is also the potential of a severe blizzard in the Dakotas with blizzard conditions farther to the southwest. This should definitely factor into your travel plans. I will post a comprehensive blizzard outlook tomorrow.

Schools: If you haven't recently had a tornado drill, Monday tomorrow would be a good day. Make sure everyone is familiar with tornado procedures and ways to protecting everyone involved.

Business: See above, plus make sure you have ways of instantly notifying employees working outdoors. 

Homes: Make sure your shelter area is clean and ready to go. Put a couple of bottles of waters, old pairs of shoes (you don't want to walk out barefoot if a tornado strikes) and, if appropriate, a couple of diapers in your shelter. 

Everyone: Have at least two reliable ways to receive emergency storm warnings. One of them should be Wireless Emergency Alerts

*The definition of a "severe" thunderstorm is hail one inch or larger or 60 mph, or stronger, thunderstorm wind gusts.


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