Saturday, April 30, 2022

1,000 Buildings Affected; No Serious Injuries

The aftermath of the Wichita-Andover Tornado of 2022 is astounding: One thousand buildings damaged or destroyed and no deaths and no serious injuries. It has a preliminary rating of a high-end EF-3. 

Below is the Andover YMCA where the staff heard the warnings and took everyone to the basement. Imagine if the tornado had struck without warning!

Part of this is good luck. But, the majority is due to weather science training people what to do and then the forecasts and warnings by dedicated and skilled meteorologists. 
Congratulations to all meteorologists involved in warning the people of south central Kansas. 

Addition: After posting this, it was brought to my attention that three storm chasers from the University of Oklahoma were killed on the way back to Norman last night. 

As it turns out, they were chasing the tornado Kathleen and I saw touch down and reported.

Meteorologists and storm chasers go into field to report on these storms to keep everyone else safe. What we do is not without risk. This tornado did not show up on radar. One of the TV mets in Wichita has slept "20 minutes in the last two days" because of the storms. 

This is why I suggest you drop a note to the NWS office that serves your area and a note to your favorite television meteorologist.

As to Drake, Nicholas and Gavin: may they rest in peace. 

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