This Is Simply False

Another Associated Press story that is pure climate propaganda. Quoting a "grid expert" who holds the same political views as AP does not provide the basis for the claim that "climate disasters are spreading."

For the umpteenth time, violent tornadoes are less frequent than they were 50 years ago. 

As to other wind storms, there is little reason to believe they have increased. Why? Because both global warming theory -- and real world observations -- demonstrate that the poles have warmed more quickly than the tropics. That decreases the "temperature gradient" -- the difference in temperatures -- across the middle latitudes (where the 48 states are located). 

Less temperature gradient --> Weaker jet stream ---> Fewer violent tornadoes and wind storms. 

For global warming alarmists to claim otherwise means they either do not understand basic meteorology or they choose to ignore it for propaganda purposes. 

I'm 99% sure this story was on Big Climates' "shelf" awaiting violent storms so that it, when published, would touch on peoples' emotions. The tornadoes in the South the last three days provided the opportunity.

Disregard their story. 


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