Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tornado Outbreak and Wind Damage Situation Wednesday and Wednesday Night

A really dangerous tornado and thunderstorm-generated damaging wind situation


There is a high risk of strong tornadoes in the orange area. There is an enhanced risk in the yellow areas.

Thunderstorm Damaging Winds

There is an extreme risk of gusts above 75 mph in the purple area. 
Between the tornadoes and the extreme thunderstorm winds, this is a situation where considerable wind damage and power failures are likely. Please prepare accordingly. 

How to Use a Day Before Tornado and Damaging Wind Outlook

  • The first priority should be people. Make sure you can get yourself, your family and friends into a basement or storm shelter. Make plans now. If driving needs to occur to get people to safety, it should be done with the tornado watch is issued.
  • If you live in a mobile home, get out when the tornado watch is issued, unless you have a close-by storm shelter. 
  • Make sure the shelter is in good order. See below:
  • All shelters should have old shoes, a radio with fresh battery, a couple of bottles of water and a couple of diapers. Carry your prescription meds into the shelter. 
  • If you use a closet or bath in the center of your home, you might want to see if you can put some sort of head covering (football or baseball helmet, for example) on while you shelter. If you use the tub, put the matress in the bathroom so it is ready to go. 
  • We are putting our family heirlooms in the basement. I just backed up my computer and will do so again Monday. I will put the backup drive in the basement. 
  • Make room in the garage to put your car inside. 
  • Insure you have WEA warnings activated on your smartphone. In addition to WEA, make sure you have at least one other way to get warnings besides sirens and television. WeatherCall is a good choice. 
  • Get some extra cash at the ATM and fill your car with fuel Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. 
This is incredibly good advice. 

Of course, I will continue to update these forecasts. 

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