Fact: Few Care About Global Warming

Polls in the United States demonstrate that many talk a good game about their concern about global warming -- but talk is easy. When it comes to spending their hard-earned money, nope!
Now, we have more evidence of this sentiment from a poll taken earlier this month in the nation of Australia
Keeping in mind that $1 AUS is worth just 74¢ in the United States, these amounts of money are miniscule. The vast majority (73%) are only willing to spend $0.74, or less, to mitigate the problem. Just 7% are willing to spend $7.50/week or more. 

In spite of many tens of millions spent on propaganda and public relations, most people are too smart to buy what Big Climate is selling. That is not to say that global warming isn't a problem -- it is. But, it is not the existential threat that some (i.e., tweet below was to Dean Cain yesterday) many want you to believe.
People say they are highly concerned about global warming but that just isn't reflected in their actions or financial planning. 


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