Friday, June 21, 2019

Attention: Meteorologists

Stamp Out Bad Weather Grammar!!

Meteorologists, like every other profession, develop their own lexicon. But, two items are pet peeves of mine and we just had an example of one of them. 
Who "broke" the line of showers?

This term dates back to written radar summaries before we had the ability to transmit radar data from one place to another. The term "broken" was sent to pilots to let them know a line of thunderstorms was not "solid" and that they might fine a space between the storms where they might safely fly through.

The other pet peeve is "these storms may exceed 'severe limits'." I don't know how this got started because it is just bad grammar. What they mean is the storm may exceed severe thresholds, which are defined as hail at least 1" in diameter or wind gusts of 58 mph (50 knots, this, too, began with aviation).

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