Saturday, June 8, 2019

Some Final June 8 Thoughts

I've had a fair amount of correspondence about June 8 the last couple of days. I appreciated hearing from Mike Morgan, the current chief meteorologist at KFOR TV (formerly WKY TV) and many others. I didn't know he was still using the same radar (pictured below) in 1993 that I was using in 1974. It doesn't surprise me. The Enterprise WR 100-5 was the finest radar (I've used seven on a daily basis) I've ever used. And, while it was not Doppler, it was meteorologically superior to anything out there today.

Lee Elder wrote this:
Prior to June 8, 1974, in the vast major of circumstances, a genuine weather crisis - like a tornado warning - was handled by the news anchor. Weather was something frivolous or "light" and
weathercasters were neither qualified nor had sufficient gravitas. June 8th was the day television weather grew up.

A comment about Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather
Thank you, Amanda.

Steve Amburn came up from Tulsa and we spent the entire day reminiscing. As Warnings readers know, he was at the Oklahoma City office of the National Weather Service, which was struck by the tornado. They had to abandon the office for a short time because of damage from the first of the four tornadoes that struck OKC. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Thanks, Steve. 

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