A Wonderful Father's Day Gift

There are few better Father's Day gifts than a hard cover book. 
Here is a new rating and a new review from Goodreads, a really tough audience.
Whether as a summer read or a graduation gift, you will learn from this uplifting book the behind-the-scenes story of how meteorologists save lives during tornadoes, flash floods and other hazards. 

The last month has demonstrated the value of the warning system. Literally hundreds of tornadoes have occurred --  yet only seven deaths, nationally. That statistic is especially impressive considering densely-populated Jefferson City was struck by what would formerly have been a killer tornado at 11:45pm, the Dayton area was hit near 11pm, Oklahoma City at 10:30pm (all in darkness when tornadoes are especially dangerous). This book is an uplifting story about courageous people -- it is not a "science" book.

You can purchase Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather from your local bookstore, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Order now in time for Father's Day.


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