Only in Washington: People Who Are Supposed to Research Farmers Protesting Being Near Farmers

Brian Lowry, McClatchy, DC
The above photo is of Washington-based US Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees, whose jobs are researching farming and agriculture, turning their backs (protesting) on the announcement they will have to move to Kansas City to be near, you know, farmers. The USDA also wants them to be near Kansas State University and the other land grant colleges that do so much research in agriculture and agricultural security.

Of course, I realize the protesters have friends and family and a lifestyle. But, in theory, they are supposed to be "civil servants" and their jobs exist to serve the people of the United States. So, they can transfer to other jobs or resign.

On numerous occasions, most recently here, I have strongly advocated for dispersing the federal government. This is a small step in that direction. Considering their job is directly related to farming, moving them out of Washington, DC into farm country is a very good thing.


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