Friday, June 14, 2019

"Why Don't You Point Out the Silly Arguments of the Anti-Global Warming Side?"

Those who follow me on Twitter saw that question posted to me last week. It is a fair question.

Most of the reason I don't post pro-CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic [human-caused] global warming) information more often is that the science on the pro-catastrophic side is very weak.

But, the better response to the scientists' question is in what I do not post. Below is a clever, wonderful
editorial cartoon that I would have loved to run. Very clever and insightful. I grabbed a screen shot and started researching the point it made. And, while it is a great editorial cartoon, it is factually incorrect. Therefore, it didn't get posted. And, more, because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm not letting you see it because it would -- incorrectly -- put some pro-global warming people in a bad light.

That said, I could see where this (invisible) censoring might lead to the incorrect impression I don't have high standards for what goes onto this blog or that I run only pro-skeptical science. That isn't correct.

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