Thursday, June 20, 2019

Two Areas of Serious Weather Risk Today and Tonight

East Coast
The area in purple has a high risk of damaging winds. This is a situation where widespread power outages could occur. Please prepare accordingly!

Central U.S.
The two biggest threats are giant hail and tornadoes.

The brown areas have a significant risk of tornadoes. The easternmost area includes Omaha, Lincoln, St. Joseph, Atchison and Kansas City.

The hatched area is where hailstones larger than 2" in diameter are forecasted to fall. Yesterday, a hailstone near 6" in diameter fell in southwest Arkansas! It is a good day to put your car in the garage. 

I continue to believe this very active weather pattern will continue through the weekend. Please keep up on the latest weather information, especially in the central third of the United States. 

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