Heads Up: Central U.S. For Damaging Storms

There is a significant risk of tornadoes and an enhanced risk of destructive hail, possibly driven by high winds, in the orange area. This includes: Lamoni, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Lawrence, Manhattan Pawnee City, Topeka, Lawrence, Salina and Beloit.

Put your smart phone and laptop on a charger, now.

Here's what I recommend: listen for a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch. If one is issued for your area,
  • Put your car in the garage.
  • Bring in lawn furniture or other items that could be blown about.
  • Take your phone and laptop off the charger so any power surges do not zap them. 
And, most of all, make sure you and your children are ready to move indoors as thunderstorms approach and take shelter if a tornado warning is issued. 


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